A huge bird flock filling the sky in Mosquito Bay near Bahia De Los Angeles.

The taste of sushi Alper prepared with the fish we freshly caught.

Swimming in the river in San Ignacio with Joe. “When in doubt, swim!”

Saying goodbye to Lara and Joe on the dock in La Paz.

Watching the sunset on the garden-themed deck of the ferry and calling out to a stranger named Ilberto.

Getting out of the truck after an anxious drive to Sayulita and being greeted by hundreds of tropical birds singing.

Observing a moment of the disabled couple feeding each other in the streets of Guadalajara.

Playing ‘throw the pigs’ inside the camper waiting for the rain to pass.

Realizing that we got lost when the bus arrived at the last stop in the outskirts of Guadalajara.

Ringing the doorbell of the hidden campground in San Miguel De Allende and finding a big group of travelers inside.

Wandering the cobblestone alleys of San Miguel De Allende at night.

Having a breakfast with the Terri and Mike Church.

A mom giving her teenage children to us as guides to find our way out of the city.

Vomiting in front of the insurance guy at the accident in CDMX.

Meeting Serkan and Gladys after a rough entrance to Mexico City.

Conversing with the girl squeezed under Erdem’s armpit in the crammed Mexico City subway car.

Riding a double-decker tourist bus at night in the rain, on the upper deck, alone.

Taking a photo of the couple in front of the Giant Olmec Head before their battery dies.

Painting the facade of Gladys’ restaurant at night under the rain.

Holding our jumping beans for the first time.

Laying on the grass with the dogs in Teotihuacan.

Receiving a gift from the parking attendants at the base of the Church/Pyramid in Cholula.

Being led towards Arbol Del Tule with the town procession.

Tasting barbacoa memelitas for the first time in Oaxaca.

Making the opening speech of the Japanese Horror Short Film Festival in Oaxaca.

Opening the doors of Overlander Oasis on my way back from the airport with a feeling of coming back home.

Watching Erdem chat happily on the Tule town square, while a war-zone of fireworks was going on around him.

Receiving the title ‘Puta’ after blowing the Zapotec horn successfully.

Watching the moon rise among the mountains and laughing about salted rims with Scott.

Devouring a roasted chicken on the truck tailgate in a small town.

The Irish guy setting the bar in flames in Zipolite.

Seeing the nude gay couple walking along the beach.

Finding the huge palapa in In Lak’ech after driving through the forest.

Tasting the giant cocoa-chip cookie Bradley prepared.

Arriving in San Cristobal and being greeted by Glen, Kathy and Chaco.

The chicken sacrifice ceremony in the church of Chamula.

Meeting Blanca and her children by the fireside and listening to her testing the cooked clay flutes.

Nearing a pass-out inside the Temezcal with chanting and poetry going on.

Drinking wine and sharpening axes with Fernando under the rain.

Having our road blocked by the Zapata children in Chiapas.

Waking up to the sound of Howler Monkeys in Palenque.

Tasting ice-cold juice of melon, papayas and pineapple after a humid and hot night.

The appearance of the Pyramid of The Crosses as we reached the top of the hill in Palenque.

Being told by our GPS to drive up the stairs in Campeche.

Being introduced to Anita Campbell at 94 in Campeche.

Helping the Dauphin Family drive the RV through Anita’s gate.

Seeing the green filled eyes of the forest looking down inside the cave at Loltun.

Climbing down through the roots of a tree into a cenote.

Loosing and finding Sarah’s bikini on the rail tracks.

Jumping into the waters of a cenote from the surface.

Getting wet in rain through the ceiling hole of Soytun Cenote.

Hiking back as a group to the campground from Chichen Itza.

Tasting the Guacamole made with the limes and avocados from the hotel garden.

Sharing a huge pizza in the rain in Vallodolid after reuniting with Kerri and Evan.

Seeing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time at night after driving all day and cooking two meals in Tulum.

Sitting an a beached boat and chatting the night away.

Watching a turtle dig a hole for her eggs.

Helping a baby turtle, laying upside-down amongst its dead siblings, reach the ocean…

Saying ‘goodbye’ to Evan and Kerri.

Seeing a mini pyramid hidden between a mechanics shop and a run-down house.

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