July 23 2014

Meet Maria, Jose and Gabriella… Our new pets acquired in Mexico! They will be with us until they leave their shells and fly away! All they need is some water every two weeks. They spend almost all their time jumping around inside their beans. Their mother “Cydia Deshaisiana” has impregnated the flowers of a plant called Sebastiania Pavoniana and they were encapsulated during the growth of these seeds. We’ve had them for only a few days now, but they NEVER stopped jumping. It’s amazing how energized they are. We’ve watered them for a good 5 hours thinking they may be thirsty, but they’re still jumping… That’s what they do! They jump all around all day long.


November 4 2014

It has been more than three months of jumping. We are happy to announce that Maria and Gabriella are still active but Jose seems to have gone into a rather dormant state. We are afraid that the road might have tired him more than his little heart could take (do they have one?) but still keeping our hopes up. Maybe he’ll be the first to hatch. Maybe he’s growing wings?


We will be posting their “activities” on this page. Check back soon!

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